Thursday, 28 July 2011

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Picture Perfect?
There is something very wrong with our political interests and the media certainly does it share to add lots of fodder to feed our misplaced thoughts. Case in Point: The visit of Pakistani Foreign Minister, Hina Rabbani Khar (HRK) to the capital city this week. Whilst the news agencies have skimmed on why she is here in the first place and all her official work; most amount of air time has been dedicated to HRK's style quotient. It would be right to observe that her "looks" have generated a media frenzy! Every one is abuzz with her elegant salwar suits and her choice of hand bags. This morning, I happened to watch a one-on-one interview with her on Headlines Today. After the interviewer asked a couple of obvious questions regarding her role, her objectives from the official visit in New Delhi and her opinion on the state of affairs between the two nations, he quickly jumped to the topic of fashion! Unbashedly, his face broke into a giant grin and he remarked on how "India was very impressed by the fashion put on display by her"! I cringed! Mean while, hats off to HRK as she remained straight-faced and refused to comment on the subject saying she is here for official work and that is what she would like to discuss.

I must say, I first saw all her pictures and me first thought was, "Wow! Another Paki stunner who looks fit for the movies." And yes, I did think about her great looks and impeccable turnout. Modern day Asian Jackie-O. I imagined her to be a soft-spoken lady, and probably a front for some one's ulterior motives in an effort to show the democratic and liberal avtaar of the "new" Pakistan. My after thought was for the life and security of her family and herself....and hoped that she had enough of cushioning from the inside.
But hearing her speak, what first got to me was her voice - throaty, smokey and strong. She was very articulate and careful with her words, not letting on onto anything. She didn't seem even a tad bit apologetic on the situation between the two countries, just pragmatic. She also was clear to state that India and Pakistan view one another as The Enemy and then ended the interview by describing this as an "in-stable" region.

Hard hitting words.

Moving to a hitherto, peaceful and sane part of the world - Norway. What transpired there was completely surreal and sadistic. Eerie, eerie, eerie.........
I am extremely glad to read today's update that psycho-anaylysts and intelligent reports are not letting him pull the "insanity" card that easily. The evil creature is completely at ease through his criminal procedures. 3 days post the massacre, he was grinning at the cameras as he was escorted from the court to the prison. He has absolutely no remorse what so ever of his actions.

For an excellent account on the freak:

Cant believe his skull/bones badge was stitched by an embroiderer in Varanasi! Stuff nightmares are made of.

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