Monday, 18 July 2011

A Black & Blue Weekend

Sigh, it is Monday and I can't wait for the weekend. Oh wait, it just ended!

This is a certainly going to be a long week....and the incessant rain won't help make it any shorter.

I for one, had an exceedingly hectic weekend, which could probably explain why I am already itching for the next one!

Friday evening was spent at the movies, watching the delightful and delicious ensemble cast of 'Zindagi Milegi na Dobara'. What a fresh and fun movie! Most importantly, it is a movie projecting a healthy lifestyle.

To begin with, "boys trips" are soon going to be the norm - so girls be ready-steady for that! And secondly, the summer "It" destination is going to be Espana - muy bien!

Before I go on, I must sad, that despite loving the movie, there were many times (especially in the second half) where my attention drifted. I definitely thought the movie could have been cut by 20 minutes. There were many instances where it went from pensive to photogenic and turned into a discovery channel-esque scene. Too much time was wasted on the adventures, giving the audience more details than necessary and taking away from the story line. That was my only rouse with the movie, oh that, and Kalki. I understand that her role was to be of a somewhat stuckup, pretty and prissy little miss, but I frankly found that she didn't fit the character at all. And I know she has achieved a cult status post Dev D and is known to have great talent, but I didnt find her performance noteworthy either.

That being said...the boys were terrific. All 3 of them, although, I am more partial to Hritik (aka Hercules) and Farhan.
Hrithik never ceases to surprise me with his Greek Good looks, Adonis-esque body and molten eyes, you would never imagine such a pretty boy to be able to dance, act and even sing! I have met a couple of guys like him who are on roll - trying to rake in as much moolah as they possibly can at jobs that suck their souls out of them, leaving them high and dry. All the little personality nuances and insights into a prototype London Banker/Trader were neatly added into his role. His transition from hard to soft was also done very well...

And what do I say about Farhan - compact and commendable! Here is another powerhouse of talent. The guy can hold his own despite his atypical looks, voice and non-Bollywood personality. Kudos to him to remain true to his art and continue with cinema that was once looked at as off-beat.

Another strong point was the dialogue, which I found was spot on - real, casual and natural. The screenplay could have been tighter, but there were so many difficult and poignant scenes that were carried out effortlessly. I particularly liked the scene when they begin the car journey and Farhan flicks away Hritik's phone and this naughty, childish act opens up a closed box that until then, has been carried with them like a burden. Hrithik indicates that Farhan's childish and non-serious attitude is no longer cute or charming. It is just plain embarassing and often hurtful. It was an important turning point, early in the movie and managed to address Hrithik's raw sentiments perfectly. Fast forward to the scene on the cliffs in the latter half of the movie when Farhan apologises to Hrithik, this time, from his heart.
The other tender scene was when Katrina guides Hrithik threw the deep seas as he bravely confronts his fear of the water.
And the last favourite was when the Spanish chickita and Farhan are enjoying a private moment, literally, lost in translation and she says to him "you make jokes all the time but with your eyes are sad." Oh! How romantic and delicate!

All three of the boys looked healthy and trim with lovely tans! Throw in Kitty Kat, Bagwati the birkin, some incredible locations, perfect cinematography, hot wheels and you're whizzing onto the road trip of your youth!

So it's a definite must watch for those who are contemplating it. And if it is Inox that you're headed to, be careful of your head - lest a tree come falling down again.

It is true that Nature's wrath has no bounds. We must begin to respect Mother Nature and appease her, because when she gets angry, there is no stopping her. The tragic incident that took place outside Inox on Sunday evening is a case in point. The tree outside came tearing down - killing an innocent mother and daughter, as well as crushing several cars and toatalling a Bentley! All this in the matter of a few minutes. I happened to enter the theatre literally minutes before the tree came down, and once in, there was no knowing of what happened outside, until the end of the movie. As I drove out, I watched a macabre-like scene unfolding in front of me - with huge cranes sawing the branches off, ambulances on stand by, and cars being excavated from under the heavy branches. Really bizarre.

For the first time in a loooong time, I think we have no one to play the blame game with on this one!

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