Friday, 26 August 2011

Fresh Talent


That is exactly what I feel looking at the beautiful invitation to Sajjil's first exhibition next week. He had told me about this project of his over a year and a half ago at the time he was dealing with the usual wedding hysteria for his impending nuptials. I listened and nodded and smiled, all the while thinking that it was just some talk. The guy has just gotten back a few months ago from fabulous Firenze, where he was an apprentice and student at an Italian jewelry atelier. We had met in Italy once and I was surprised how comfortable and fluent he was in Italian. He was so full of passion, excitement and enthusiasm whilst narrating to me his average day in Firenze...most days would be spent bent over, tools in hand, creating jewelry. But that was then...and now here he was, completely sucked into a whirlwind of shaadi stuff. There was no time for him to concentrate on this.

Today, I stand corrected. Sajjil not just proved my judgement wrong,  but he also wow-ed me with his beautiful designs. 2 weeks ago he and Sanjana had come home and she was wearing a super-cool tiger ring (Cartier-esque) which I saw and immediately lusted for. She sweetly turned to her better half and proudly told me, she was wearing an original Sajjante

Lucky her! She gets to see the goodies before any one else and is herself a perfect model for his one-of-its kind pieces ----- A real labour of love.

For all those seeking something unique, precious and created with passion this festive season, go splurge at Sajjante at the Times Glamour Show.

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