Friday, 19 August 2011


A few days too late but oh well, I must finish the post I had intended to write!

With Mozart's Symphony No.25 playing in my head and the heady fragrance of fresh mogras enveloping me; I am floating...days after Rohit Bal's Show at Tote.

Frankly, I am not a huge fashionista nor do I know the A-Z of style; but I am inclined to the world of style and thus naturally like to keep abreast with the f-buzz.
I am not entirely clued into the national fashion scene and the various, random Fashion Weeks that go on  (It seems to be Fashion Week all year round, here in India!). In my opinion, there is so much of talent here and there are incredible people, doing incredible things. Very little of which gets into the realm of mainstream fashion and glamour, which is incredibly sad.

But this isn't a commentary on the fashion scene in India. This is bow to Bal for putting together yet another cerebral collection. This is and was the only show I would make it to from this Fashion Week edition and it did everything but disappoint!

I don't know how many in the audience even understood or cared for the immense creativity, heightened sensibility and painstaking workmanship that went behind each piece. Artisans must have slaved over the embroidery for hours and hours....but since I don't know too much about the technical details about the collection and launch into an embarrassingly ignorant attempt of the same; I will stick to what I can write about - the effect it had on me! As I was saying, Bal and his team, lined the long U-shaped ramp with tokris of mogra kalis (jasmine buds) and dressed up naked plants with heavy gajras of mogras, thus immediately intoxicating all those present. The show began with a series of white crochets, followed by mud reds, rusts, inky blues and finally the blacks.
Heavy, Long and Intricate, the collection was marked by the stiff ghagra skirts paired with floor-length matrix meets mughal-e-azam like capes or with cage-like corset tops.  No to mention, the chakmak stacked Swarovski bangles that the girls wore, which provided a light relief from the heavy ensembles. However, my favourite elements were of the tota-pakhis (parrots) and the mors (peacocks) that were constant motifs in the all the pieces. Here are some photographs of the show:

I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.........

I just died! There is no one like Arjun Rampal, who was the showstopper for the show. He is ridiculously good looking but not in that overwhelming way, his physique is just right and his natural demeanor and dimpled smile leaves me at an utter loss for words. And with that, I will end this post...because some things are better left unsaid.....

Right? ;)


  1. <3 Arjun Rampal!!!

  2. Soo hottttttt AR!

  3. True your 'hero' is hot, but to be perfectly honest I am blown away by the dress in the second photo. Where can I get me one? And where shall I wear it?