Friday, 26 August 2011


DesignOne is round the corner and aapri Reens is showing her stuff...Reena has been an angel of sorts for all of us. She has put together the happiest, most thoughtful and original birthday cards, sorry cards, wedding invitations, doggy birthdays and kinds of other memorabilia for the other crazy gatherings we have had!
I always look forward to receiving something (anything!) from her because it is always such an attractively put together delivery.
Whenever I am at her home, she is always sitting at her work station, Leon at her feet and pen (or should I say, magic wand) in hand, zapping together some creative!

Her mind is a factory of fun....

Nothing says it better than a customized, colorful, stylish card. And Design Quest has something for everyone (Literally!)

Go hog at her stall....or contact her for more details.

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