Friday, 30 September 2011



I consider myself quite lucky as I hastily type this, totally overwhelmed in my present surroundings...sitting in one of the many sunny spots of the Imperial suite of the Imperial Hotel.
More than decor or even the various objets d'arts, I think it's the sublime light that bathes this massive space that makes it unlike any other suite I have ever visited before. The Imperial Hotel is a grand testament of the Art Deco style of design. Personally I love the geometric lines and unusual shapes of the art deco period, not to mention the outrageous fashion!
I first came to the Imperial Hotel years ago for the launch of Chanel in India. What a perfect setting this was to the brand! I was younger and less exposed, so what the I saw at the event left an indelible mark upon me.

I am so glad to be back here and shall be camping out in this suite for the nest 3 days on work. This is definitely one place I don't mind being held hostage in!!!

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  1. The thai & Italian restaurants there are beyond fantastic! Enjoy xxx