Tuesday, 13 September 2011

LATE POST: Well done Weekend

Satisfied and Recharged.

Wow! I feel good....almost forgot how this feels. Clearly I had a good weekend. It was well-needed and welcome.

I made sure to catch two super movies: 'Meri Brother ki Dulhan' and 'Friends with Benefits' - and enjoyed them immensely.
Both were romantic comedies and despite their simplistic premises, they did what movies are supposed to do - entertain.

I will start with MBKD -
Kat in the Bag again! That girl is really something because this movie is another winner. I was thoroughly impressed by her performance. In addition to being her usual, lovable, cuddly self - she had a well-defined role which demanded more than her smiling and getting away with it. Dimple was a build-up on Laila (ZMND) and one could really see the hardwork Katrina has put into her diction, emotions and dance skills. She and Imran were well cast and had amazing chemistry between them. Imran with his molten chocolate eyes, was lovable and believable. Despite the fact that her wore plaid shirts throughout the movie, he gave yet another commendable performance.
The dialogues, back ground score and screen play were terrific. Particularly, all the various movie references that were thrown in rather subtly and cleverly. Although, the first half was faultless and well-paced, the second half did get draggy and repetitive and could have used tighter editing.
Music was lovely, with "Dhunki" and "Choomantar" as my two top picks...

In general, the movie was completely realistic and credible. The characters were well-written and well-cast, ensuring the movie was easy to relate to. The trick is to get the basic details and lifestyle nuances correct, which gets audiences nodding and thinking, "Arey, I would have done/said/worn the same thing yaar...."
The director, Ali Abbas Zafar, who's been an assistant director on a number of Yash Raj Films productions such as Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Tashan, New York and Badmaash Company, makes his feature writing and directing debut with this film. Incidentally, Zafar has spent many years in Dehradun and has used this town as the setting for the movie.
YRF that has produced and distributed the movie, has picked a gem, keeping the "Band Baaja Baarat" legacy going.

My verdict: Popcorn time at MBKD!

Only this deadly duo could pull it off!
Next up - "Friends with Benefits" starring hotties Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis.
I went in hoping that my hopes wouldn't get dashed with a cheesy, over-done "chick-flick", that would annoy me and leave me in an "aargh!" mood. And it certainly did not, in fact, I left the cinema feeling deliriously hopeful about love, life and all that jazz....

JT and MK were fantastic together. The movie had a fair bit of hype surrounding it and all the interviews I have read basically ask the starring couple how difficult or awkward shooting the intimate scenes were. Yes there was a fair amount of that involved, but the both of them were in perfect physical shape and had a palpable chemistry between them, that the scenes came out natural and aesthetic. Watching them romp about made me wonder, if in the real world did such perfect bedtime action take place with ordinary folks too, or was it just limited to wonderful-looking people?
I don't think the friends with benefits plans can ever really work...by and large (save a few stone-hearted animals), human beings relate intimacy to emotions, so conducting relationships for purely physical purposes, is some what of a sticky situation leading to the crumbling of at least (if not both) the participating parties.

I suppose I enjoyed the movies so much because I felt a strong connect with the generation they were set with?

They were both movies that essentially dealt with the boy/girl equation. In MBKD, the boy and girl had found themselves and were now finding one another. In FwB, the boy and girl were finding themselves, but have found one another.
Both the movies show their personal journeys in understanding their basic requirements from their 'should-be' partners.
East or West, the premises and circumstances might be different, but universally, everyone is looking to find a correct match. As simple as that goal is, the search remains fairly complicated.
So here's hoping that in the crazy scheme of things, most of us make the Right Pick!


  1. Oh I must watch "MBKD"! Well you've not mentioned anything about "Ali Zafar". I understand he might have little role, but he is damn good looking and good actor. Isn't it?

  2. Honestly, it slipped my mind to throw in on Ali Zaffar, whose performance I really liked in Bin Tere Laden. But I felt he was lost in the movie and despite having a substantial role, was some how lost.
    I thought the twist in the end would be him announcing to the family he was gay!!

    Did any one else who watched the movie feel that as well!?