Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Week Excuse

Wow - this feels strange, yet wonderful. It has been so long since I last posted. Over the past week, a lot has happened and I got so caught up that I didn't get a chance to write at all...

Here goes my attempt to put it all together.


The later in life one has to attend a funeral, the better. I know many people would disagree - after all, death is the biggest fact of our lives and the earlier one accepts it, the better.
True........I suppose. But I feel that as important and necessary that acceptance is, its alright to not have to attend funerals until and unless you really must be there.

I frankly haven't been to several funerals (thank God, touch wood); but I have been deeply shattered and moved to complete discomfort by all those that I have had to be present at.
The sight of seeing a "body" is highly troublesome. An active, ticking and thinking human gets reduced to a piece of mass in a matter of a few seconds just seems terribly off.

Growing up, I was never taken to any funerals and it was only in my later teen years that I first did, and it was a hellish half hour spent at the crematorium.

I strongly and deeply believe that knowing about the transience of life - how precarious and delicate it really is; is one thing we should all bear in mind. One never really knows about his or her time on with most things, we don't come with any guarantees. But at the same time, for the more faint-hearted, it is OK and fine to be scared. It is scary.
For others, it is sort of therapeutic to be present and see it all happen. It closes the chapter. For Good. It is a social and community binding exercise - to express solidarity with the affected family and the rest of the mourners.

Me thinks, to each, its own...

I for one, am till wondering when it was that I grew up and had to deal with these harsh realities?

Ready or not - the pungent smell of anesthesia confronts my greatest fears!!

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