Friday, 17 June 2011

Blank Sheet

What does this boy know that we don't?? He seems to have an expression of smugness and complacency, don't you think?
Well, I picked this image because it some what illustrates my current state of mind: Blank
My colleague says, blank is not bad. Is she right? I think of it with a negative connotation. It is as if the insides of my brain, the so called, temple of my wisdom and intelligence, is completely dull. OH MY GOD! Definitely a bad thing, Niyati! Blank is Bad!

Hmmm, I suppose it has given me some time to reflect over the time that has just passed by. And also, wonder about the time that is soon to come. Maybe it is a much-needed respite for the nerve cells? I certainly hope so!

The weekend is here! And although I am working tomorrow (boo hoo, retail life); I am trying to pretend it is going to be a long and glorious Sunday! Which reminds me to remind you, its Fathers' Day this Sunday! Yes I admit, I am a complete Hallmarks junkie and I follow a lot of their sly, marketing ploys. But for those like me, I say, do a little something special for your Daddy any way. He deserves it!

Before I end this rather brief and terse entry, I want to ask you: How do you pass your blank moments? And:
Blank = Boring                   OR               Blank = Balm

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  1. Cultivate a hobby, follow a passion. Blank time does not mean unproductive, use it to your benefit. Take it as a gift.