Friday, 24 June 2011

Blabber much?

This is a quick post to apologise for my never-ending post yesterday. But once I got started, the words started gushing in and before I knew it, I had hit "publish post"!
Oh well....
I will keep myself in check the next time!

I am sure you must have read/seen/heard about Sachin's cheap sale of his Ferrari. I am appalled by the news. The man is not just a living legend and God to so many millions of people, but he is one of the most wealthy people in India (perhaps, even in Asia) and to sell off a car that he paid not a single naya paisa for, is just the pits.
The man who can easily buy two or 3 of the latest Ferraris/Lamborghinis and the like; had refused to pay the custom duty for the import of this car when he received it from Fiat in 2003. Creating quite a stir at the time, Sachin managed to hot-wheels his way out of the whole prize vs. gift controversey without paying a dime. The controversy remained in the media for a fair amount of time and eventually got forgotten about. Cut to 2011, when a certain Mr. Desai from Surat is enjoying joy rides around town in his very own Sachin Ferrari!
News sources claim that the Ferrari did a mere 14,000 km and Sachin was keen to let it go because the new home he is soon to shift in to doesn't have a parking spot to accommodate this car!
OK, I will buy that. Perhaps he genuinely didn't have a strong emotional bond with the car and didnt care for it enough to want to retain it..... Couldn't he have put it up for charity then? Auctioning it off seems like a more noble and correct thing to do in his case and standing. Meanwhile, he remains unavailable for comment (smart move!) and Mr. Desai continues to remain in the spot light, enjoying what is most certainly "the ride of his lifetime!"

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