Wednesday, 4 April 2012

100 ka chutta nahi milenga...


That's the number that all of India seems to be pretty fixated with at the moment. Well, if not the entire nation, then Mumbai is, for sure...Following Sachin's 100th 100, two weeks ago - all forms of the media have gone absolutely berserk commemorating the Man. In usual Indian style, we have decided that the Little Master may now officially exit ODI's and continue to rake it in through all the other means.Gladly, Sachin has been vocal in establishing the contrary to this thought by assuring the masses that as of now, he shall continue professional cricket.

But a rather interesting development (since I began writing this post, 5 days ago!) is that Sachin has elegantly stepped down as the captain for Mumbai Indians and has neatly handed this gift to Bhajji.
Arey aila - hey kai Sachin? IPL cha chaska side varoon honar? (translation- "oh mother! Whats this Sachin? Ready to enjoy the IPL from the side line?")

Meanwhile Harbhajjan and his various chickitas must be going wild, doing the balle balle with several patiala pegs being had! Bhajji says,

For a non-IPL person (notice, I didn't say "fan") like me; who remains fairly indifferent to all the tamaasha surrounding this sporting event - I am sure, that it will be another season of great glamour, excitement, entertainment and controversy!!


Chulo, now you tell me, what can we get in Rs. 100 nowadays?
Go on, scratch your head...

Many of us (sadly and shockingly) might draw a blank. Our lives have gotten tres cheres...we are living in Grand times.
This is quite true. Take your average entertainment costs that have sky rocketed! One movie trip burns a sizzling Rs. 500 debt in an individual's pocket, if you are going to a city multiplex. Petrol up, khaana up, peena up, cigarette up, sleeping bhi up...we should value the rare, free moments that life brings us.

This year was my first year filing my taxes. I spent several hours in the last few weeks of March getting my salary and bank balance in order. I was shocked by how much I "owed" the government. "Over and above all the indirect taxes we dish out with out some times realizing, we are condemned to pay yet some more at the end of each year?!

Feeling beaten and tiny, I left for home and stopped off for a pick-me-up work out at the Bombay Gymkhana. As I was leaving, I looked across the street as I always do, toward Fashion street. This evening, it seemed that the hawkers were really calling out to me. "I mustn't ignore them," I thought as I made my way to my favorite stall. I made sure to grab the very last note I had and fortunately it was Rs. 500 - Jackpot!

15 minutes of blissful haggling later, I jumped back into my car with a little bag of new summer wear. Not bad 1 dress and 2 blouses for half a grand...I felt rich.It was comforting to know that there were still some things that were delightful and yet accessible to my threadbare wallet!

That's the great thing though, we are known as "resourceful" Indians. And it is true - we are rather resourceful - we are completely capable of often pulling a rabbit out of a hat, if that is the need of the hour. But I wonder how long we can rely on our resourcefulness? I will not cease to have the utopian hope that one fine day we shall enjoy safe and sound governance. There will be an authority that will use our money to give us smooth roads, a safe metro to commute across the ever-expanding city, water bodies in place of gutter bodies, fragrances instead of stenches........this list could go on.

How about your 100ka100 list in the mean while?

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