Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Another splendid time was had in Capital city. I went there this weekend for the first ever edition of the India Design Forum ( The purpose of this 2 day forum was to look at the role of design as shaping our futures, and also the role that India plays in contributing to the world of design.

A very relevant initiative indeed, put together by Rajshree Pathy and her daughter, Aishwarya. The 2 day forum was organised as a series of discussions and talks given by imminent people from the world of design, art, architecture, fashion and industry; both from India as well as internationally. There were some really great speakers, such as Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator from the Department of Architecture and Design, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA; Karim Rashid Design Guru, Manish Arora, to name a few. It was a sincere effort that succeeded in marrying all these different world together at a common platform, to educate and to synergise the various disciplines that work together in the realm of design. There was a huge contingent of students who got access to these talks....access that they probably would not have been able to get normally.

To top it off, Architectural Digest, timed its launch with this event, and it was the icing on the cake for all. They pulled off a splendid launch in the lawns of the Aman. The setup they had created was really, top class! It was a real pity that one couldnt get to stay outdoors longer and enjoy the crisp Delhi air and the ambiance. The party was shifted indoors at 10.45 PM....Grrr to all our rules.
Cool or what!?

But what really and truly surprised and inspired me was the discovery of the lovely Hauz Khas Village.


Why have I ever not been do this little gem-like part of Delhi before? I went there imagining a quaint, fancy, up-scale hood; bubbling with fashion boutiques and cafes.
It was all  that and more. So much more! I have never been to Dilli as a tourist and every time I go there, I have my nose stuck to the window marveling at the wonderful buildings. Each time I drive past India Gate, my heart skips a beat with nationalistic fervor. The sight of the Qutab - just, right there - always humbles me. So when I found myself roaming through the tiny and dusty little gullis of hk, I was thinking, "here I am, shopping amidst fantastic ruins, there's a man made water body here, a tomb there, ahhh look at that amazing doorway. Where will it take me?!"  Although HK had more than just just reels of exposed wires and half-bulldozed buildings all over, there was beauty in every nook and corner. The stores there all carried such interesting and cool merchandise. There were the latest up and coming designers who had chosen this as the location for their premier flagship boutique. There were the hippest and most charming cafes and eateries....For sure, Gunpowder and Elma's bakery wins hands down. Go to Elma's for a charmed afternoon spent over chai and scones. DELISH!

When you're done with that, stop at the Hauz to watch the sun setting through the arches of the fort...

Come find me, for I plan on stealing several afternoons day dreaming away, snuggling in one of the many tiny nooks!

Vintage store

One man's junk; another man's art

Stairway down to heaven

A truly blissful hours were spent there. 


  1. u make me want to visit and experience this dilli
    i must say ur writing is getting better.. day by de

  2. thank you...i wish i had more time to write. and when i do write, to get a chance to tweak and edit it! but this is encouraging