Friday, 2 March 2012

We found Love in a hopeless place....

No matter how jaded, twisted, contorted our lives become, there is nothing that can take away from the amazement of birth.
The Miracle of Life is something the human race can't ever fathom or comprehend completely. And it is most certainly one process that we can't ever try (or dare) to fabricate. Since timmemorial, we continue to remain spell bound by this natural miracle, and this is an eternal truth; if there is one!

Ok, I'm being much too profound for my own good...but am overcome by a wave of wonderment and gratitude particularly so today on the ocassion of my niece's first birthday. I can't believe that it has been a year since tiny little Anasuya Rania came into our world and changed the way we knew it...

I went over to my sister's house last evening to be briefed on the drill for the birthday celebration that shall take place this evening and my sister and I just watched our ladoo playing with her bazar of toys, singing, dancing, walking....when did she grow!?
My sister and her husband have been extremely hands-on parents (with a wee bit of help. of course! haha) and have enjoyed every (well, almost) part of this incredible process. As for myself, it is great being a maasi. My claim to fame is, that the little one's name was given by me. I was reading the  Mahabharata (abridged version!!) a year and a half ago, and was noting names that were of interest to me for later reference. Anasuya was the name of the wife of Atri muni and the name means "free of all evil and jealousy". Beautiful non?
I thought the name was in perfect sangam as mine and my sisters' and hence clearly a keeper!

Now I shall set off fort he duties include helping the guitarist handing out candy to enthusiastic children , making sure there is adequate photo coverage and not to forget, making sure there are tons of bubbles being blown during the cake cutting "ceremony".

Happiest birthday to our little ladoo...keep us forever enchanted!


Baby cries...I cry!
Stolen moment

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