Wednesday, 25 March 2020

This too, shall pass. World Hold On

5 years later, here I am. It has taken me a long time to get back here, without finding a reason to avoid being here, to procrastinate, or stop the flow.
I'd like to think Words are my friend but they don't come to meet me, as often as I would like them to. Perhaps the Words sense my capricious nature - they've often come, and been completely ignored.. . Oops. Bad Me. Well my quarantine promise to you guys - my friends - Words - is that I am going to be better about "staying in touch", and all that. Let's start nice and slow today...

All of us are living in what can only be described as a Sci-Fi movie script. Covid-19 has taken every single one of us on Earth today by shock. Bringing the entire human race to its knees. Bringing our super-duper-fast lives to a grinding halt. Whilst we let the medical experts and elected world leaders do their thing, to steer us out of this catastrophe; us normal folks have been left to do nothing more than twiddle our thumbs. Or Tik-Tok! If any business survives this and emerges victorious then its online app creators behind Tik Tok (make your own music video app) or House Party (connect with one another with video chats and play Trivia). And Instagram remains the Undisputed Boss.

The other potential winners could be the alcohol industry at large...sanitisers, wine, country liquor.

We will never ever know the factual origins of this deadly virus. Was it merely an infection afflicting bats and pangolins that mutated to affect humans? Bio warfare? Good Gosh. Let your imaginations run wild....and the most creative answer wins!

As for myself, I go from an "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" to "Doomsday" in one hour. Until two days ago, I was enthusiastically fulfilling my bit by staying at home and warding the virus off its dangerous and speedy trajectory.  I was very excited about the 5 pm bartan and ghanti party that the PM had ordered on Sunday . I got all dressed up. Well, wearing any thing that is not your sleepwear or gym wear, counts as dressing up these days!? The kids, the husband and house stall were told to look spiffy and we all met on the terrace (Thank God we have one!) at 4.55 pm. The streets of Tardeo were already ringing with metal and cheer by then, and the din grew louder as the minutes went by. It created some incredible energy and was definitely my social highlight in ten odd days. After that, I kept a chilled, stiff drink handy and danced the evening away. But the harsh reality hit me when i woke up (+headache, of course) the next morning, only to realise this wasn't a mean joke. This was going to be life for an indefinite period to come.

Even the Super Intelligensia have not come up with a solution better than the "Stay-At-Home" one. How is one to argue with a fix that is free, easy, asks us to eat-sleep and for those who can, make merry. We can watch endless hours of TV, share countless memes and faltoo videos, and coin trite terms like "wfh" , " quaranshine" ,  "social distancing".

The unprecedented fact of the matter is that for the first time the entire world is actively fighting a a common enemy. And each are actually fostering global unity by staying apart. Now, there's an oxy-moron for you!

On the flip side, all businesses have been shut, national and domestic borders have been barricaded. Groceries and basics are in scarce supply. Over all, the economy is being run the ground. Some of us lucky ones can survive this and will ride it through. But for many people who survive on a daily wage, or own a small business -  it is absolute hell. argh! Is this any way to live at all?

What isn't a question, is the resilience of the Human Spirit and the evolution of the Human Brain. I'm counting on both to help me through this freaky time for the sake of myself and my loved ones who need me. And of course, I'm counting on my old friends - Words, to have some faith and show me the way...

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