Sunday, 2 August 2015


This post is dedicated to all the countless individuals lost in transit and/or are in the search of the Holy Hotspot. 

On my last grand summer holiday, my friends were bemused to say the least, as I hopped, skipped and jumped from point to point in the search of the elusive wifi. In Europe, the wifi isn't as generously or as widely available as it is in the Eastern parts of the world...Singapore, Hong Kong or even in the beach towns of Thailand. These countries are happy to spread the love.....the Internet....

Let's admit it, most of us, are sort of androids ourselves - ever since the invention of the great smart / android phone. The world is in the palm of our hands. As travelers, each one of us knows the precise moment that our plane makes contact with the tarmac. Some of us mark that moment with a short, silent prayer for a safe journey, but others are frantically turning on their gizmos and awaiting for the pulsing network bars to go up. The real touchdown for them is when their whatsapp messages begin to pop up. 

Call it a blessing or a curse, I am not sure; but it is what it is. 

Today for example, I'm taking full advantage of the free wifi in an uninteresting and sleepy airport in Central Europe. My layover here is 4 tedious hours and as you can tell, I ain't a patient passenger. Being a Sunday morning, the airport isn't as buzzing and am
Passing time watching the stores and cafes being opened by their grumpy and listless managers. 

It is the beginning of what ought to be an exciting and happy travel and I can't get myself to sleep like a hobo on an airport armchair since the excitement within me is too strong to snooze through! But here I am, going clickety-clack on my iPhone, using the free wifi service. Additionally, croissants and coffee are an arm's distance away. All shall be well. 

I'm trying to keep myself busy until I have to board, there are a few other travellers around me in this part of the large airport. And almost each one seems to be lost in transit, bent over with eyebrows furrowed and thumbs jumping, in his/her state of cyber oblivion. 

Wish all a happy travel. Let's remember go look around at where we are, for its more real than what's on our hand phone's screen. 

Yep. That's right!

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