Sunday, 20 November 2011

I smell...............mehendi!

Hold up! I first need to first to lighten my conscious - Sorry! I have been utterly bad  and I haven't made the effort to update my space in close to a month.
No excuses. So tsk tsk away...
To my defense - it really has been a manic month with practically no "me time". I have been up to so much and come home in a state of collapse so there, that is my pathetic attempt to cover my behind.

Now that I have given my cursory apology - let me shift back into happy news. Shikari (Sh)Ambu's getting wedded...yes, another one bites the dust!

After a whirlwind of a romance with Nikhil...this day has come so very fast.Their story is really quite special and I feel lucky to have been a sidekick during the fancy-schmancy proposal in Dubai over New Years eve. Nikhil aka ND, went all out - limo, yacht, champagne at sunset, candle-lit dinner for two et all - all this planned well in advance, completely glitch-free.
How could Ambu say no?!

9 joyous months later - one bundle of joy is on its way...ha ha ha....not a baby, but a weekend of absolute mayhem, starting today.
I must admit, I am going through pre-performance jitters! The line-up tonight is pretty amazing. ND's friends are particularly awesome dancers, not to mention ND himself is the Disco King. When I didn't know him (not sure if he and Ambu had met then. It was at another wedding last year. The wedding was over and the young folks were letting loose...ND took this seriously and enthralled us with some noodle-esque dance moves! He also inspired this blog and featured in one of my first blog entries!)
In any case, we girls better hold Ambu's fort up and be able to keep up with the rest by putting on a memorable performance. Last night we had a mega practice so I hope the valiant effort shows and none of us freeze under the arc lights...

Mean while, The Chuchmeister is gearing up for his insane sangeet on Monday. I'll have to chammak challo my way from Ambus to his band baaja. I can't be sure of what to expect, after all, he has given us so many stellar performances right from Yogesh's wedding in Goa, to his own roka in Mumbai, back to Goa for his pre-wedding bash and most recently, at a Diwali party where he teased (or should I say, threatened?) to remove his kurta and shimmy away....I am still one really cant be sure what to expect on Monday night.
Got to hand it to his lovely lady, Vijeta. She is the picture of grace and feminity. She always paints a pretty picture and calmly lets Chu Chu do his thing. I asked her how she doesn't mind his crazy antics...she thoughtfully replied, "Chu Chu is very different when we are together. Besides, he should have fun when we are out with his friends. He is serious when he needs to be" I found that remarkable and it showed how confident and mature she is about it all.

So there you have it folks - two very dhamakedaar couples, beginning a dhamakedaar new lucky to know them. I can't wish them enough happiness and madness in this chapter!

Well I better scoot now before I miss my cue!

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