Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Horizontal Times

Meet my boys - Hank, Harvey and Brody. These 3 boys have been monopolizing all my time in the past few weeks. Each one of them is amazing in his own way - dashing, good looking, accomplished, successful, hard working...what more can a girl ask for in a man? And the best part is that I enjoy myself so much with each one of them - they make me laugh, they teach me about the ways of the world. It gets better - they don't even know about each other! How often does a girl find herself in this deliciously sticky predicament?

The answer my friends is...


And that’s just it: my romance with these 3 chaps is virtual. I have to get over the fact that they are just mere characters, that will never ever exist in the real world!

Hank Rearden - Brooding Industrialist, Steel Magnate and visionary - a la The Fountainhead. Harvey Spector - Hot-shot lawyer, ace heart-breaker and the great-hair-guy - from the sitcom Suits; 
and lastly, Sergeant Brody - Afghan War Hero and possible Jihaad leader, red-haired and freckled -  from the sitcom Homelands

And there you have it. I am plain lame! Knock yourselves out...I am troubled by a fictitious love rectangle, all in my head! 

Normally, I am not such a couch potato, who enjoys uninterrupted hours of telly or plans movie-marathons, with great gusto. So for me to be spending so much time watching back-to-back tv shows and reading a heavy book; implies something is not quite right. And alas, this is the case since I hurt my back doing god-knows-what three weeks ago and have been firmly instructed to lay flat as much as possible. I am going absolutely crazy trying to keep straight and restful, as has been prescribed to me. Sure, it has been fun, being able to legitimately be a vegetable and have breakfast-lunch and dinner in bed. But enough already! I am missing my sneakers, I am missing the sweat and I am missing the happy endorphins that come from physical activity.

I feel about a hundred years old whilst popping a cocktail of pills or when wearing a ridiculous waist brace, and generally, clutching onto my back every time I feel a sensation of throbbing pain. Physio is the new Pilates class, the it thing to be doing...If you are truly cool, then you have at some point or the other in the last 3 years suffered some sort of a back issue. It is incredible how many of my friends have unfortunately been riddled with a back problem of late. I look at my parents and their friends, who lead extremely busy lifestyles and despite being in their 60’s, continue to have very productive lives. They work, they run homes, they travel and they exercise. I don’t find them groaning and moaning over their hips or their knees or their backs (touch wood!). 

All these “modern” lifestyle-related health issues are worrying, as they trouble so many of us. What is it about our mental state of minds, that we cant seem to effectively keep stress at bay? We definitely have less responsible and more comfortable lives with the good fortune of being endowed with a lot more than our parents had whilst growing up. 

We have all read various news stories and articles on this subject so I wont jump into a motherly sermon. All I can hope for now is to get back into business and into my usual routine. 

Hmph. I should get busy again, shouldn't I? After all, I got to keep the boys in check!


  1. Aaah yes Hank Reardon, even the name sounds manly. I wonder why no one made a movie out of Atlas Shrugged..I guess its good in a way. We can create our own image of Hank in our fantasies....